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ACUH members are well-represented in the editorial boards of leading urban history journals, amongst others Urban History and Stadgeschiedenis. Please see below for a selection of articles published by ACUH members.


  • Elon Heijmans and Marleen Termeer, Politics of Value: New Approaches to Early Money and the State (Proceedings of the 19th International Congress of Classical Archaeology, Cologne/Bonn 2018, Vol. 33, Heidelberg 2020).
  • Marleen Termeer, 'De macht van munten: het eerste muntgeld van de Romeinen', Geschiedenis Magazine 7 (oktober 2020), 32-36.
  • Moritz Föllmer, ‘Urban Individuality and Urban Governance in Twentieth-Century Europe’, in Simon Gunn and Tom Hulme (eds.), Powers of the City: New Approaches to Governance and Rule in Urban Europe Since 1500 (London 2020).
  • Danielle van den Heuvel , Bob Pierik, Bébio Vieira Amaro and Ivan Kisjes, ‘Capturing Gendered Mobility and Street Use in the Historical City: A New Methodological Approach’, Cultural and Social History 00 (2020) 1-22.
  • Moritz Föllmer, 'The Sociology of Individuality and the History of Urban Society'Urban History 47:2 (2020) 311-326.
  • Maartje van Gelder and Claire Judde de Larivière, Popular Politics in an Aristocratic Republic​​​​​​: Political Conflict and Social Contestation in Late Medieval and Early Modern Venice (London 2020).
  • Tim Verlaan, "The City is Collapsing Under Our Very Own Eyes": Spaces and Emotions of the Dutch Urban Crisis, Moderne Stadtgeschichte 51:1 (2020) 65-81.
  • Emily Hemelrijk, Women and society in the Roman world: A sourcebook of inscriptions from the Roman West (Cambridge 2020).
  • Gabri van Tussenbroek, 'Amsterdam's Crystal Palace - a forgotten example of British engineering (1858-1864)', International Journal of the Construction History Society 35:1 (2020) 87-110.
  • Ronald Stenvert and Gabri van Tussenbroek (eds.), Inleiding in de bouwhistorie. Opmeten en onderzoeken van oude gebouwen (Utrecht 2020).
  • Tim Verlaan, 'Digging in the Crates: Archival Research and Historical Primary Sources', in: L. Bertolini and Nanke Verloo (eds.), Seeing the City (Amsterdam 2020).