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With four main sessions, the ACUH sends a strong delegation to the 15th edition of the European Association for Urban History conference, to be held in Antwerp from 2-5 September 2020. This year's theme is 'Cities in Motion' and targets movement in a broad sense, ranging from social mobility and migration to traffic and cultural change as constituting elements of urban society.

Representing the ACUH are Claartje Rasterhoff with 'Mobilities and Sociabilities of the Nighttime City: Tribes, Zones, Tresholds, Third Spaces 1750-1950', Antonia Weiss with 'Fleeting Frontiers: Constructing and Contesting Social Differences in Urban Green Spaces', Danielle van den Heuvel with 'Gender and Everyday Mobility in Modernizing Global Cities', and Tim Verlaan with 'Who Owns the City? Dynamics of Urban Ownership in the 19th and 20th Centuries'. Please consult the EAUH 2020 website for more information on these and other sessions. Deadline for abstract submissions is 27 October.