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Dr. Gediminas Lesutis (Fellow) and Prof. Maria Kaika (Supervisor) received a Horizon 2020 Framework Marie Curie Fellowship Grant for the project: "Infrastructured lives: assembling politics and liveable life in contemporary Kenya". Dr. Gediminas Lesutis is currently based at the University of Cambridge, and will join the AISSR and GPIO and Planning research group next academic year.

The project provides an ethnographically-grounded theoretical account on mega-infrastructures as technologies of governance. Focusing on how infrastructures expose populations to semiotic and material subjugation to state and capital power, this research investigates infrastructurally mediated transformations of bodily lives that reduce human beings to abstractions – citizens, publics, beneficiaries. This shows how mega-infrastructures are central to material and semiotic violence of a capitalist state.

Prof. dr. M. (Maria) Kaika

Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences

GPIO : Urban Planning