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In urban Dialogue #8, Olga Sezneva, Anastasiya Halauniova, and Giselinde Kuipers demonstrate new analytical possibilities that research on urban aesthetics brings. Such notions as historicity, authenticity, ‘modern-ness,’ and Europeanness of urban built environments appear at the frontstage of negotiations over what, indeed, deserves care, emotional investments, and financial resources.

Event details of Urban Dialogue #8: Urban Aesthetics: From Places of Occupation to Gentrification | Online Event | 29 June | 16:00 – 17:00
Date 29 June 2021
Time 16:00 -17:00
Organised by Olga Sezneva , Giselinde Kuipers , Anastasiya Halauniova

Drawing on the results of their case-studies in cities that underwent total population transfer and occupation after the WWII, Olga, Anastasiya, and Giselinde will address urban professionals’ and inhabitants’ preoccupation with architectural aesthetics and examine how the appeal of some of urban spaces—their perceived ‘beauty’ and ‘ugliness’—turn to acquire its immediate relevance for people. In the presentation, they will foreground methodological and theoretical intricacies of studying people’s practices of evaluating and substantiating their aesthetic claims in order to call for the scholarly attention towards the growing role that aesthetics plays globally.

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