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The Amsterdam Network for Food Planning (ANFP) is a platform for students, young professionals, scholars, and citizens who are interested in the future of food in Amsterdam. We aim to build bridges between the worlds of practice, academia, and civil society to address the challenge of sustainably feeding Amsterdam’s increasing population.

Event details of Amsterdam Network for Food Planning Seminar
Date 24 March 2021
Time 16:00 -17:30

ANFP will hold meetings year-round that will focus on a wide range of food disciplines such as sustainable food planning, food governance, food technology and urban agriculture. The end of our meetings is set aside for networking activities where participants can form relationships that will be catalysts for the multi-faceted transformation of Amsterdam’s food system.

Our March meeting will highlight the broad spanning interest in food waste in Amsterdam. During this session, two of our team members will speak about their involvement in the scene. 

Sophia Bensch will explore how the citizen initiative Taste Before You Waste reclaims rejected produce and restores its nutritional and social value by collectively preparing, enjoying, and sharing it with the community. Afterwards, UvA researchers  Ying Tzu Lin and Peter van Dam will pitch their research funded by joint seed grant among the Center of Urban Studies and Amsterdam Centre for Cultural Heritage and Identity, about taking food surplus as a lens to examine decommodification and recommodification of urban spaces in the city of Amsterdam. 

A discussion will take place afterwards followed by two networking breakout sessions - general and thesis. The thesis networking breaks out session provides an open space for students who are either looking for topics and/or supervisors, wanting to make sure that they are on the right track, needing literature recommendations, etc. 

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