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We Make The City is the largest city festival in Europe, taking place from 17 to 23 June 2019, celebrating urban living whilst addressing important urban issues in the metropolitan region of Amsterdam. How can we make our cities better? How do we make better cities? For whom and by whom are cities made?

Detail Summary
Start date 17 June 2019
End date 23 June 2019

During the festival a wide range of activities is organised in dozens of locations all over Amsterdam. Several members of the Centre for Urban Studies organise activities as well or are part of the festival programme. 

  • Tuna Tasan-Kok will speak on Tuesday 18 June during the Urban Conference: Minority Report; About social justice, diversity and inclusion in the city.
  • Cody Hochstenbach will take us into the Amsterdam context during the Metropolitan Conference: 'A home for everybody – affordable housing as a human right’ on 19 June.
  • On Wednesday 19 June, from 13.30-16.30, Els Beukers and Luca Bertolini will take part in the urban excursion through Amsterdam's University district. This excursion, which invites people to think about and play with public space and its values, is developed through the innovation programme 'Mobiele Stad'.
  • Rivke Jaffe will, on Thursday 20 June, join an  Urban Talk session where international and local examples of private security initiatives will be discussed.
  • Arnoud Verhoeff and Zef Hemel will partake in the Urban Conference of urban health in world cities on Thursday 20 June.
  • Floris Vermeulen and Els de Graauw are organising 'Governing Brooklyn - Local Politics in a Global City' on 22 June. In this Urban Conference, New York City Council Representative: Carlos Menchaca shares his personal experiences in serving and representing this very diverse and rapidly gentrifying waterfront district. CUS member David Laws will moderate this event. This event is sponsored by a CUS Seed Grant.
  • Michaela Hordijk and John Grin are hosting two seminars as part of an integral design project for the sustainability transition of the Amsterdam, historical inner city. On 21 June Havenstad will be organized at Brouwerij de Prael and on 23 June De Gracht van de Toekomst will take place at the University library. For more information please visit the website.
  • Zef Hemel and Marco te Brömmelstoet will each give a lecture at the Amsterdam lecture series on 22 June.  At this closing event, various UvA professors will present their ongoing research and delve into the current developments and challenges in Amsterdam.
  • Debra Solomon's case study, the Food Forest Amsterdam Zuidoost (VBAZO): an innovative public space stewardship project will be one of the sites for the urban expeditions during the weekend (22 and 23 June).