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Serena Ferente (University of Amsterdam) will give a paper on self-government in mid-fifteenth century Caffa (Crimea). Those interested can attend in person or join us digitally via Zoom.

Event details of A City at the Nervous Edge: Identity, Conflict and 'Colonial' Government in Fifteenth-Century Caffa (Crimea)
Date 14 October 2021
Time 15:30 -16:30

Caffa was one of the largest cities of later medieval Europe. A Genoese settlement in Crimea, a major port on the Black Sea with an extraordinarily diverse population, it governed itself with a large degree of autonomy, but acknowledged subordination to both the Genoese metropolis and the Tatar khans. It thrived on its role as a frontier entrepot, and was the setting for an original and long-lived experiment in peaceful coexistence. The dramatic geo-political changes of the fifteenth century, even as they put a strain on Caffa's way of life, reveal the complexity of its inhabitants' identities. 

This is a hybrid event. Those who wish to join us in person are welcome from 15:30 onwards in Bushuis room E1.02; those who would like to attend digitally are requested to register below.