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Helena Mattson (Stockholm) will investigate neoliberal processes of deregulation and re-regulation in the Södra station area, a postmodern housing development located in Stockholm's inner city.

Event details of Architecture and Retrenchment: Deregulations, Postmodernism and the City of Performance
Date 20 May 2021
Time 15:30 -16:30

The surroundings of the Södra station were realized from the 1980s onwards at the crossroads of different forms of urban governance, Keynesian policies and a neoliberal agenda. Not only architects saw the site as a blank canvas on which to sketch the outlines of a new world: politicians, bureaucrats and legal experts all came to test their 'Third Way' policies and ideas on the centrally-located housing development.

This paper investigates the laws, norms, and standards behind the housing scheme in conjunction with its lived spaces and the everyday urban environment. It focuses on the effects of new ‘performance-based’ building codes in relation to the use of postmodernism in architectural theory. 
Thus, the paper will demonstrate how in a turn from norm to form, parallel with the deregulation of dwelling spaces a re-regulation took place of the urban. It will be shown that emerging performance-based building codes were followed by new restrictions and programmes regulating the public sphere, which were influenced by postmodernist thinkers such as Leon Krier and Christian Norberg-Schulz.