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During this Zoom seminar, Davide Martino (Cambridge) will examine the urban-environmental history of early modern Augsburg. All are welcome to attend.

Event details of Neptune and the Lech: The Co-creation of Borders in Early Modern Augsburg
Date 15 April 2021
Time 15:30 -16:30

This paper focuses on two material markers of borders in and around the Free Imperial City of Augsburg in the early modern period. The river Lech, to the east of the city walls, marked the end of the municipal territory and the beginning of the Duchy of Bavaria, Augsburg’s powerful neighbour. Within the city walls, meanwhile, drinking fountains decorated by statues of Neptune marked the boundaries between the City Council’s jurisdiction and two ecclesiastical enclaves.

The paper will argue that both of these fluid borders, marked by water, were the product of a mutual relationship of interlocking influences between nature and culture, which might be called ‘co-creation’. Though this phenomenon has been described again and again by environmental historians, their insights are yet to be applied to the history of borders. This paper therefore attempts to write an environmental history of the co-creation of borders in early modern Augsburg.