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During our work in progress sessions, we invite two ACUH members to reflect on recent or forthcoming journal articles, book chapters, and/or research projects.

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Date 22 October 2020
Time 15:30 -16:30

On the 22nd of October, together with Marianne Groep and Laura van Hasselt, we examine respectively 17th- and 19th-century histories of urban densification and social housing initiatives. Please register in advance for this Zoom meeting by sending an e-mail to

Emerging privacy? Side effects of 17th-century densification (Marianne Groep-Foncke)
Marianne Groep-Foncke is working on a PhD thesis about the use of water in urban environments, particularly in the province of Holland, in the first half of the seventeenth century. By looking at people's encounters with water she traces the functioning of urban communities.

‘Better homes, better people’ (Laura van Hasselt)
Laura van Hasselt will present a chapter from her PhD thesis on Piet van Eeghen (1816-1889) and his efforts to modernize Amsterdam, thus creating better living conditions for the city's poor and needy.