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ACUH members Petra Brouwer and Tim Verlaan will both introduce documentaries during the Architecture Film Festival Rotterdam (AFFR), which takes place from 9 to 13 October at Rotterdam's Lantaren/De Venster cinema.

Detail Summary
Start date 11 October 2019
End date 12 October 2019
Time 16:45

Priced Out is a documentary on the history of gentrification in Portland, Oregon. Nikki Williams has lived all her adult life in the same house in a neighbourhood where drug dealers are crammed with trendy cafés and bistros. As the last remaining black resident, she is deeply concerned about her community, now banished to suburbs far outside the city. Local government policy and the free market system have caused house prices to soar, which hits the Afro-American community particularly hard. While a few individuals profit from the wealth generated by the city, the majority are driven out of their homes. Priced Out offers a personal and local view of gentrification, relevant everywhere now. Priced Out is introduced by Tim Verlaan on Friday 11 October from 16:45 onwards in LV Zaal 6.

City Dreamers is a documentary about four of the most important female architects and landscape architects of the twentieth century: Phyllis Lambert, Blanche Lemco van Ginkel, Cornelia Hahn Oberlander and Denise Scott Brown. Four women who perhaps did not enjoy the same name recognition as their male colleagues but who achieved just as much in a world totally dominated by men. With the help of rare archival material and interviews, Joseph Hillel shows how these women developed a new perspective on the city. For the first time, it wasn’t buildings but neighbourhoods, cultures and urban ecosystems that were the focus. They succeeded in changing the cities of Montreal, Philadelphia, Vancouver and New York forever. City Dreamers is introduced by Petra Brouwer on Saturday 12 October from 21:00 onwards in LV Zaal 6.