Award: Choice Magazine Award for Emily Hemelrijk

22 January 2015

Emily Hemelrijk and Greg Woolf have been awarded with the Choice Magazine Outstanding Academic Title award for their book Women and the Roman city in the Latin West (Brill 2013)

The Choice Magazine is a publication of Association of College & Research Libraries (ACRL) and a division of American Library Association (ALA) and this award will help promote the title to all the research librarians in the field.

The Choice Magazine awarded Women and the Roman City in the Latin West as "a fundamental work for women's history" and an important "guide to the scholarship of the last 40 years". (R. I. Frank, University of California)

In Roman cities of Italy and the western provinces in the late Republic and early Empire, women occupied a wide range of civic roles in urban economies, and a few were prominent public figures, celebrated for their generosity and for their priestly eminence, and commemorated with public statues and grand inscriptions. Drawing on archaeology and epigraphy, on law and art as well as on ancient texts, this multidisciplinary study offers a new and more nuanced view of the gendering of civic life. It asks how far the experience of women of the smaller Italian and provincial cities resembled that of women in the capital, how women were represented in sculptural art as well as in inscriptions, and what kinds of power or influence they exercised in the societies of the Latin West.

Emily Hemelrijk is chair in Ancient History at the University of Amsterdam.


Emily Hemelrijk and Greg Woolf (eds), Women and the Roman City in the Latin West .Mnemosyne, Supplements, History and Archaeology of Classical Antiquity  360 (Leiden: Brill: 2013) 430 p. ISBN 9789004255944.  € 139. 

Published by  ACUH