Award: Die Haghe Prijs for Jan Hein Furnée

27 September 2014

Jan Hein Furnée has been awarded with the Die Haghe Prijs for his book Plaatsen van beschaafd vertier. Standsbesef en stedelijke cultuur in Den Haag, 1850-1890 (Amsterdam 2012).

The Die Haghe Prijs - € 5000, sponsored by the bank Insinger De Beaufort - is a bi-annual prize of the Historical Association 'Die Haghe' for the best publication on the history of The Hague. Furnée shares the prize with Diederick Klein Kranenburg, author of 'Samen voor ons eigen'. De geschiedenis van een Nederlandse volksbuurt. De Haagse Schilderswijk 1920-1985 (Hilversum 2013).

Plaatsen van beschaafd vertier [Sites of Civilised Leisure] describes and evokes the construction of class society in urban leisure culture in nineteenth century The Hague. The study offers a detailed analysis of gentlemen’s societies, the zoo, the Royal Theatre and the seaside resort of Scheveningen as contested spaces where upper and middle class men and women shaped, reaffirmed and challenged their internal social divisions and relations: ritually, spatially, discursively.

The current issue of the Dutch journal BMGN Low Countries Historical Review has devoted a discussion dossier on the book, with extensive reviews by Bart Van de Putte, Henk de Smaele, Dirk Jan Wolffram and a reply by the author.

Published by  ACUH