Newly published: Plaatsen van beschaafd vertier [Sites of civilised leisure]

2 April 2013

Class consciousness and urban culture in The Hague, 1850-1890

Plaatsen van beschaafd vertier describes and evokes the construction of class society in urban leisure culture in nineteenth century The Hague. The study offers a detailed analysis of gentlemen’s societies, the zoo, the Royal Theatre and the seaside resort of Scheveningen as contested spaces where upper and middle class men and women shaped, reaffirmed and challenged their internal social divisions and relations: ritually, spatially, discursively. The book pays special attention to the place of women in (semi) public spaces, the significance of leisure institutions as political ‘training schools’, and the cultural policy of the local municipality. 


Jan Hein Furnée is lecturer in modern history.


Jan Hein Furnée, Plaatsen van beschaafd vertier. Standsbesef en stedelijke cultuur in Den Haag 1850-1890 (Amsterdam: Bert Bakker 2012). 903 p.  ISBN: 978 90 351 3484 3. € 49,95.

Published by  ACUH