EU@Amsterdam - a City Counsel

Debate series and book launch

25Jan2016 18Apr2016


Currently, 75 percent of the European population live in cities. Since antiquity cities have been a fundamental feature of European culture. They are pre-eminently the places where European integration has become visible, serving as the engines of political, economic, and cultural development. Nevertheless, it seems that the European Union has long failed to recognise the important role of cities and urban issues in contemporary Europe.

EU@Amsterdam - a City Counsel is a series of public debates focusing on the current and future role of cities in Europe. The series is inspired by the European Union’s Urban Agenda that will be adopted in Amsterdam on 30 May. It aims to contribute to this urban agenda by addressing challenges such as the economic crisis, citizenship, and sustainability that European cities are facing today. In particular, the series will focus on Dutch cities by discussing themes directly related to their growth, innovation and livability. The series consists of five public debates (in Dutch), each focusing on a particular theme, organized in Pakhuis de Zwijger during the Dutch EU Presidency:

  1. The City: merciful & intolerant (25 January)
  2. Enclaves in the City (15 February)
  3. The creating or sleeping City (7 March)
  4. The vulnerable City (29 March)
  5. The City beyond the state (18 April)

At the start of the series – on the 25th of January – the volume EU@Amsterdam – een stedelijke raad (AUP 2016) will be launched. This book is a collection of essays on the European city - arranged along the themes mentioned above – written by academics of UvA, VU and HvA, as well as policy makers and other practitioners.

ACUH members Moritz Föllmer, Arie van Steensel, Guy Geltner, Tim Verlaan, Joost Jonker and Gemma Blok have contributed to the volume.

Eu@Amsterdam - a City Counsel is a combined initiative of the UvA Faculties of Humanities and Social and Behavioural Sciences, ACCESS EUROPE, the Centre for Urban Studies and ACUH.

For more information on the debate series: EU@Amsterdam

For more information on the volume of essays: AUP


Published by  ACUH